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Can I Lick T' Spoon

My daughter, age six, enjoys popping on her apron and joining myself or my partner in the kitchen. She loves the idea that she's made food for those around her. I remember baking with my mum and my grandparents from time to time. My input must have slowed the process down quite a bit but they knew I was having such a good time. The best bit being when I got to lick the spoon!

Bank of Mum & Dad

I'm one of three but I was definitely Bank of Mum & Dad's main customer! Money can't buy happiness but who doesn't give in to the younger ones' begging sometimes! The first demands on Bank of Mum & Dad I can remember were being on English seaside holidays in the amusement arcades. I'd run back to my parents time after time for more coins. I must have spent a small fortune in the slots over the years - or should I say they must have! As a teenager the paper round money just didn't stretch to that one thing I so desperately wanted. If I could just have that I'd make no more requests. Inevitably there'd be something else soon enough! I have a daughter of my own now and it's all changed! I have become the bank, and she's certainly overdrawn!

Comforting Embrace

Sometimes you just need a hug.


My partner relocated over one hundred miles from her home to be with me. The day she came I remember arriving at the train station to pick her up; her and lots of luggage! What a day she'd had travelling up to Sheffield with all that heavy baggage. I could see it had taken its toll! She was probably thinking ‘'ope he's weth it’.

Beach Day

A beach day was a treat when I was growing up. It'd take a couple of hours or so to get to the coast so it wasn't a particularly regular event, making it pretty special when it came around, usually in the school holidays. I remember my dad letting us bury him in the sand leaving just his head showing! People helping others dry off and change when returning from the sea. The pasting of suncream on each other's backs. Carrying as many as possible of the hundreds of bags that seemed necessary for a successful day on the beach! I remember fetching the ice creams and rushing back before they melted. Everyone made sure their family and friends enjoyed their beach day!

Sunday League

Junior football was a main feature of my childhood. I began training at age five and never looked back! I have vivid memories of those strewn along the touch line on wet and cold Sunday mornings. The manager’s love for the game and devotion to the kids; nothing else mattered on those damp chilly mornings. As we prepared for the game grown-ups would chat about yesterday’s footy while entertaining our brothers and sisters and keeping them warm. Grandparents were there with fold up chairs, umbrellas, and hot drinks in flasks. When the ref started the game support from the touch line was second to none, despite the weather!

'ere Av Mine

I know I wasn’t the only kid who preferred suffering the cold to wearing a coat despite being told I should wear one. It just wasn't cool when all my mates were braving it. I know as an adult we can leave off the top layer too, ignoring a partner's better judgment. But I also know that we give up our own coat!

Walks in the Peaks

I love the outdoors! My partner and I venture out as often as possible. We've spent some of our best times together hand in hand sharing the outdoors. Our first date was a hike up Mam Tor.

Pie For Tea

I loved my mum's cooking and we could always be sure of a good meal at tea time. I don't think I'm being biassed when I say her pie was the best! Obviously even the best pie is improved by splashing the 'Hendo's! Sheffielder's are always shouting their love for Hendo's. We're proud folk who like to celebrate Sheffield's best! Mum made sure we never ran out!

Dad's Taxi

How often we relied on my father for lifts! 'Dad's taxi' was on the road several times every week! 'Can you just nip me t' shop dad?', 'I'm late dad, can I have a lift?', 'Dad, there's no taxis and I'm freezing!' etc!

Tea's Ready

Growing up living at home with my parents was brilliant, but as a kid you don't realise just how looked after you are. My mum was a real hero taking care of the three of us. One thing I remember is no matter how busy her day, she'd always prepare a good hearty meal for us. Around five o'clock every day we'd hear 'Tea's ready!' If we were playing upstairs we'd sometimes struggle to break away, and the next call would be a much more demanding 'Hurry up! It's going cold!' If necessary a third call of 'I won't tell you again!' would always work!

Reassuring Brew

'I'll put kettle on.' So often the greeting when calling on family and friends when I was growing up. It was the first step to welcoming whoever was visiting. I remember my grandma's house being the family hub, the place where any troubles would be listened to, where you'd get reassurance on any concerns. And it always began with 'a nice cup of tea!'

Dog's Pride of Place

There was always a dog in our house when I was growing up. All the family loved dogs. When Harvey took pride of place on the bed I'd hold myself rigid so as not to disturb him despite my own discomfort! The favour wasn't returned when he decided to get off; his paws would land anywhere!


Carving on Red Wood Pine

In my early teens a somewhat irresponsible method of expressing our young love was to scribe into anything and everything wood! Be it just initials, or an endearing message, time would be taken in an attempt to achieve a permanently legible little piece of graffiti! If the record of my feelings for another was ever defaced I'd got it covered; I used to finish them off with I.D.S.T - If Destroyed Still True!