Tis Wot It Is BLOG - Intro

Tis Wot It Is BLOG - Intro

It has been my intention for some time to publish a blog; other things, mainly business things, have been the priority. But now, at thirty-six thousand feet on route to Gran Canaria, I have the opportunity to make a start. I did promise Aviv, my partner and full-time colleague, that I would resist working while we take our break, but we’re not in the Canaries yet, so I’m writing this introduction while my only distraction is a beer!

So, the intention of the blogs that will follow is to provide an interesting and deep insight into my journey with my business. They will be an honest and accurate account of scenarios starting with an ‘ow it all started’ blog and will continue with a diary of ‘behind the scenes’ entries allowing you a clear perspective of LukeHorton Art as it develops. I will be detailing the highs and lows, the challenges, the big decisions, the surprises, and the scary bits!

I am not a business guru; far from it. LukeHorton Art isn't three years old yet and I don't know what the future holds. I do know that I find myself on a journey that brings new experiences all the time. Experiences which I hope will entertain you through my blogs. Maybe they can even offer inspiration to anyone who is starting a small business; that would be nice.

I hope that I have inspired you to read on!

*Ta for reading*

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