Sculpture Collaboration (Trevor Fearnley)

A collaboration with one of Sheffield's very talented sculptors is something that was born out of intrigue, love for true art and quite simply a fascination for Trevor's 'Peg Creations'. 

Trevor Fearnley has stayed under the radar throughout his career creating props for huge films including Sheffield based 'Four Lions' and sculpting commissions for people globally. It is only recently that Trevor has proceeded to create a line of work that has his very own original and unique magic touch, processes and concepts.

Trevor's recent line of creations take on the geometric shape of a wooden clothes peg and are interestingly adapted to resemble something other. Simply inspired by puns and word play, such creations have a super homely and comforting feel and are certainly a fantastic conversation starter and talking point whether it be outdoors by the BBQ, indoors on the mantel piece or even in a corporate office! He explains that although his ideas originate with an initial plan, conceptual continuity plays a major role in dictating what comes next. 

To extend Trev's play on puns and word play, I have painted relatable Yorkshire Slang which only adds to the funkiness, creativeness and sheer bizarreness that seems to be deeply intriguing and attractive.